NFL Betting Lines and Totals

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

How many times have you had the “right” side in NFL betting lines?

And even though lost a “bad beat”, either because your team had to eke out a last second field goal or by letting the losing side in through the “back door” with a late meaningless touchdown against?

There is an alternative to laying points in football betting, or for that matter taking points, and that is the MONEY LINE.

The money line is an excellent alternative for pro football betting players who simply look at NFL betting lines to bet on who they think is going to win a game straight up, rather than hassle with the pointspread. Instead of taking a three-and-a-half point favorite, a pro football bettor would instead look at NFL betting lines and lay out approximately one-dollar and sixty cents or so to win one dollar on the money line. Conversely, if the gambler wanted to take the underdog from the NFL lines and strongly believed that the dog would bite hard with a straight up win he could lay out a one dollar bet to win one-dollar-and-forty or fifty cents, depending on where he bets and what line he receives.

Many football betting “snobs” mock the money line or degrade its value, but others would argue that there is no value in a loser, and are unapologetic about playing the NFL betting lines. The money line, in fact, is the only way to go for more than a select few pro football bettors.

Totals, also known as over/unders in NFL betting lines are yet another alternative to betting sides with the pointspread. Over/under wagers are simply betting on whether or not the two teams will reach a combined score that goes over or under the posted number set by the oddsmakers.

It is important to be careful betting totals in NFL betting lines as such factors as weather and injuries often cause a mass movement amongst the general betting public that the oddsmakers are primed for and have already adjusted their NFL betting lines in preparation of the increased action towards a certain play.

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