NFL Betting Lines as a Stock

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

If you want to develop a winning attitude when looking at NFL betting lines and separate yourself from the people that lose money in football betting you need to learn to read teams like you read the stock market.

This means that you need to look at NFL betting lines and have a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach.  It is the same thing you do in the stock market.  You must look at what will happen rather than what has already happened.  That is what will help you win money when looking at NFL betting lines.

There are people that make money when looking at NFL betting lines.  They are a small minority but they win by staying ahead of the game.  They analyze where things are likely to go rather than where things have been.  For example, in 2001 the New England Patriots started off 0-2 both straight up and against the NFL lines.  They had lost in the 2000 season.  Head coach Bill Belichick had failed in Cleveland and football betting players were not high on him or the Patriots.

For many football betting players that looked at NFL betting lines the Patriots were not a team that was bet a lot.  This was good news for intelligent football betting players though because the Patriots stock had reached rock bottom.  The Patriots went and covered three of their next five games against the NFL betting lines and then went and won 11 of their final 12 against the NFL betting lines.  That included a Super Bowl win against the St. Louis Rams.  The Patriots were double digit dogs in the AFC Championship game and in the Super Bowl, as the general public still couldn’t accept that the Patriots were winners.  Football betting players that looked to the future instead of the past, won money against the NFL betting lines with the Patriots.

The Patriots story doesn’t end with the Super Bowl win against the Rams.  The Patriots started 2002 with two straight wins against NFL betting lines.  They were a high as a stock and those NFL betting lines players that looked beyond what had happened could see that a fall was due. The Patriots went on to lose eight of their next nine games against the NFL betting lines.  The public then got off the Patriots and they proceeded to go on a 15-4-1 streak against the NFL betting lines after that 1-8 span.  That was a perfect NFL betting lines example of staying ahead of the curve.

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