NFL Betting Lines and Season Totals

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Season totals in NFL betting lines is something that gets more popular every year at online sportsbooks.

Usually sometime in July or August football betting sportsbooks around the world will post NFL betting lines for NFL season win totals for each team. These NFL betting lines are adjusted as the wise guys bet them and are pretty much settled by late August.

As you consider season win totals in NFL lines there are some definite factors to keep in mind. Injuries can oftentimes change how a team is perceived so you may be better off waiting until late August before making your wager. The reason you want to wait with your football betting option on season wins total is that injuries can occur during training camp or in the preseason. You want to make sure the key players on a team you are betting are healthy when NFL betting lines are posted.

The disadvantage to waiting to bet NFL futures is that the number will probably move against you on the futures NFL betting lines. If you are confident in your selections then play them early and hope the injury bug stays away. If you are a little bit cautious then wait until after the final preseason game to make your NFL season win totals wager.

What you need to remember about betting NFL win totals is that your money will be tied up all season. You still won’t get paid until the football betting season is over. That means you are tying up money for over four months. That means you want a good return for your NFL futures bet. The problem is that these NFL futures bets are based on 20 cent NFL betting lines for the most part. For example, let’s say you liked the Dallas Cowboys and their season win total was 9.5. You might have -110 either way or you might have -120 on the over and even money on the under in NFL betting lines. What you must remember is that season win totals in NFL betting lines are not a big money maker for the sportsbook and they don’t have to give you any bargains. That means a 20 or 30 cent line is likely.

When you look at the NFL betting lines you may see big prices where you are laying -170 or more on a certain team to go over or under. This is because the wise guys have already moved the number and now you have to pay a premium price. Remember what I said about betting them early? If you bet them early you avoid the bigger prices.Season win total wagers are interesting when looking at NFL betting lines and you might want to give them a shot this football betting season if you find yourself looking for a bet that keeps you in action all year.

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