NFL Betting Lines

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

When you throw in pointspreads it’s almost like NFL betting on coin flips, so it seems to those not trained at reading the NFL football betting lines.

NFL betting lines are available for pointspread sides, over/under totals, money lines, halves, parlays, teasers, futures, and props. There is nothing better than winning versus the NFL football betting lines and your choices today are excellent. NFL betting is a challenge, as the margin between victory and defeat in pro football is razor thin.

Just as is the case in any other form of sports betting, the NFL betting lines are a read between the pure merits and reality and the public perception of the mass bettors. In other words, a game that should be a “pick’em” on the NFL betting boards may often have a team, instead, favored by two or three points because the NFL betting oddsmakers believe that is a number that will attract equal betting action to both sides.

The NFL football betting lines are set up based on public preferences, and are just like the stock market as teams will rise and fall in popularity and respect from the masses. This also holds true for over/under NFL football betting as gamblers will wager on the totals NFL betting lines based on their perceptions of the two teams involved and also the weather. Keep in mind that, because of this factor, high scoring games in NFL betting can often be “unders” against high over/under betting lines and low scoring games can be “overs” as well.

Pro football is so difficult to beat against the lines that many gamblers will instead settle for betting the money lines, as they quickly become fatigued from losing money on “backdoor covers” or the incredible close calls and lucky/unlucky bounces, breaks, and officiating calls.

The gamblers that have the best success against the NFL betting lines play a limited amount of games rather than the entire board. Many professionals will also play the halftime NFL betting lines as they often will play those halftime lines against the actual full game NFL betting lines that were available prior to kickoff.

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