NFL Betting Knowledge

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Study the NFL betting line and why the odds move. The goal when you bet football online is money, not to impress everyone with football knowledge.

NFL betting knowledge is more than just understanding the teams, coaches, players, and trends. The person that will win money when they bet football online is the one that has expertise on betting instead of general NFL knowledge. Let’s look at what is real NFL betting knowledge.

NFL betting knowledge is claimed by many people but the reality is that few actually have it. If you spend anytime hanging around an Internet chat boards you will be amazed at how knowledgeable football gamblers are about football itself, but how little they know or understand NFL betting. You will come across countless guys that can name the most minuscule details about football players and teams but who have no concept of the NFL betting odds and what goes into them. With that inability to understand comes their utter cluelessness at recognizing NFL betting value.

To look at this another way, NFL betting is about just that, NFL betting. It is about reading the language and the meaning of the NFL pointspread and totals and with that understanding being able to recognize value or lack thereof. Along these same lines too many gamblers bet football online on a straight up rather than pointspread basis. If they see what they perceive to be a mismatch they will make continual overlays on the better team, without any regard to board value or relative worth of that team. The same holds true with such simple minded angles as “home field advantage.” If a good team is home, the NFL team experts will tend to flock towards them with their wagers while the NFL betting experts will often take the other side, where the extra points and value is.

This is a much better use of your time than studying individual players and their statistics. Football experts belong in journalism or in the team’s scouting department, while NFL betting experts belong at a sportsbook where they can win money as they bet football online.

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