NFL Betting Inside Info

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

You have probably heard in your NFL betting the phrase “inside information” on more than one occasion

Does inside information in NFL betting really exist? Can you find it if it does?

Inside information in football betting is very hard to come by in today’s high tech Internet world and for the most part it does not exist. NFL betting has been subject to the “scamdicappers” for many years now and one of their favorite terms is inside information. They claim to have knowledge that no one else has on NFL betting games but they don’t. They flat out lie all the time about their great information. Many people call themselves sports information services as they claim to have better information than the public, and they resell those opinions as NFL betting picks and charge people money. People refer to these places as sports handicapping services, and 99.9% of the time they never have any inside information. You could take that percentage to 100% of the time, but in life not much is 100%.

NFL handicappers in football betting sell their picks and the prices can reach into the thousands of dollars. Some of the NFL handicappers out there are reputable but even the good ones are not worth your money very often and they do not have inside information. They do the same handicapping that you and I do but they just charge money for it.
Many NFL football betting pros and handicappers offer guarantees if their picks lose. The problem with a no-loss guarantee is that the guarantee involves more picks, just for free the next time. Everywhere you look in newspapers and on the Internet you find more ridiculous NFL betting claims of games that can’t lose and information that is secret. It is flat out not true. These claims are blatant football betting lies.

There are a few times in NFL betting where there truly is inside information. The problem, though, is that for every time it is true, there is probably a million times it is not. Every one of the services that advertise inside information, or can’t lose games, has nothing to back up that information. It is simply a NFL betting lie.
Does inside information exist in NFL betting? The answer is yes, but you are not going to hear about it because it is extremely rare for that to happen in football betting. Your best option is to assume it doesn’t exist, because 99.9% of the time the NFL betting claim made by an NFL handicapper about inside information is false.

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