NFL Betting Injuries

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting is something most gamblers around the world do every fall on a regular basis.

As they look to start in football betting one factor that can cause them some problems is the injury factor.

NFL betting during the regular season involves looking at matchups and statistics and betting line information. In football betting what can sometimes throw a wrinkle into the entire equation in your NFL betting are injuries. We need to know if any important players are injured and we need to know their expected playing status. That information is not as cut and dried as you might think. Some people, especially NFL betting fans, spend a great deal of time trying to discover the bottom line on injuries and it is not always an easy process. The NFL releases an official injury report during the week, but very often that report is not worth very much. To have a better idea before doing NFL betting, we sometimes have to do a little digging of our own.

In NFL football betting, handicapping injuries can be a very useful NFL betting tip. NFL head coaches are known for telling the media as little as possible about injuries. What a coach officially says about an injury is not always what he means, good to know in NFL betting. Very often on an injury report if you see a player listed as probable that means he shouldn’t be on the report at all. If a player is listed as questionable it usually means he will play. If he is listed as doubtful then it really means the coach doesn’t know. Your NFL betting could depend on details like this.

One thing to keep foremost in your mind when it comes to NFL betting and  NFL injuries is that 2nd string players are usually not nearly as bad as people think. We are talking about NFL betting and backups are usually pretty good. The other factor to consider in football betting is that when a starter goes down, very often the rest of the team will play harder to compensate for the loss. One more tip you can’t oversee in NFL betting.

The last major factor to consider when you get into NFL betting and in regards to NFL injuries is the football betting line. Very often the line is going to move too far when a key NFL player is missing from a game. The public, the oddsmaker, and even the other team, are going to overreact to a star player being out. That creates immediate line value for the team missing the star player. Let’s look at a possible football betting example this will help your NFL betting. Say that Carson Palmer is going to miss the game this week against Cleveland. Originally the Bengals were a 6 point favorite but now that Palmer is out the line dropped to -3. The Bengals had a good backup in Jon Kitna with a lot of experience and now the entire team was likely to step up and play well because their starting quarterback was out. One huge factor to remember in NFL betting with teams rising to the occasion though, is that the emotion usually only lasts for the one game. In football betting, if the star player is out for more than just that one game, the team can’t carry the emotion and energy of making up for his absence. So, remember in NFL betting the overreaction factor is there when the star player misses the first game, but it wears off after that.

Before getting started in NFL betting remember that injuries affect NFL games and football betting, but that they are not nearly as much of a factor as many people believe. If you can remember some of the points from above, your chances of handling injuries this NFL betting season will be better.