NFL Betting Injuries and Weather

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting injuries and the weather are two important intangibles to consider when looking at the NFL betting spread. It is important to know how to read and evaluate intangibles when preparing for NFL betting.

NFL betting injuries are important but oftentimes overrated. If you want to see something comical, just watch the typical gambler that will wager against the NFL betting spread once it is announced that a key offensive player, particularly a quarterback, is injured. Without even thinking about the merits or value of the play, the typical member of the masses that gets involved in NFL betting will fall all over himself trying to bet against the injured team, as if the oddsmakers did nothing to adjust the NFL betting spread.

And that right there is the key component to consider when you prepare for NFL betting. The oddsmakers are fully aware when a key player is out and will adjust their NFL betting spread accordingly, not just in reaction to the injury, but in preparation of the likely public stampede against that team. This of course actually, at times, serves to enhance the value of the team that lost the key player, making them more valuable from a pure NFL betting perspective than they were when their key player was healthy.

Do you really think the NFL betting oddsmakers are going to let you bet against a team that is missing their key player at the same price as if he were healthy?  Many people that get involved in NFL betting fail to take this simple logic into account.

One of the favorite angles among many NFL betting gamblers is to take games played in rain or snow “under” the total or to go against teams playing in the opposite climate of what they are used to at home. Again, the oddsmakers are fully aware of this and set the NFL betting lines based on the likely public reaction to this angle.

Injuries and the weather are important intangibles but don’t overrate them as you get involved in NFL betting this season.

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