NFL Betting Independence

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting independence is all about learning to think for yourself. So you read all the Internet news about pro football, watch the cable sports television news, and listen to talk radio.

You get all of the NFL betting information that is out there along with the “expert” opinion and commentary that is also readily available. The problem for you when wagering against the NFL betting spread is that everyone else does the same thing.

NFL betting is rarely profitable if you are doing what everyone else does. If you think and bet with the masses you will lose like them versus the NFL betting spread. After all, sportsbooks are not in business because the masses are usually right versus the NFL betting spread. There is no value in thinking with the herd in NFL betting. Why? Because the more that the public bets one way, the more that the price for that bet is going to go up, as the NFL betting oddsmakers will keep jacking up the price on the lines until the other side begins to get equal action and gambling dollars thrown that way.

If you are on the same side as the overwhelming majority in NFL betting, you are likely making an overlay and are too late to get on that side, even if it is any good. The more different you are in NFL betting the better you are going to do. You know the old saying, “if everyone is thinking the same thing then nobody is thinking.” To be contrarian is to likely be where the value is, as you will be getting better prices/odds/deals than those who are following the crowd in NFL betting.

Admittedly, at first, being contrarian takes courage, as you will find yourself standing alone and often against a lot of respected gamblers and commentators in NFL betting. But if you have been around sportsbooks or any length of time you will soon realize that there is nothing to fear when everyone is on the same side, and plenty to gain by opposing that side in NFL betting.

To help bolster your confidence, keep in mind that the NFL betting oddsmakers set the NFL betting spread based on the masses, which makes underdogs very attractive.

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