NFL Betting Includes Totals

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting can be more than just betting sides, it can also include wagering on totals.

There are many professional gamblers that get involved in Pro football betting that concentrate far more on totals than they do on sides. NFL betting gamblers that focus on totals are more numerous than they used to be, but they still will never out number the gamblers that bet on sides. Totals just don’t draw the NFL betting action that sides do, and they just don’t get the attention from sportsbooks or bettors.

There are some factors to consider when betting totals. The first thing to remember is to not follow the masses and do the obvious. You must be aware that factors such as weather and injuries are already priced into the NFL betting line and shouldn’t be overcompensated for. Sometimes you might also want to consider going against the grain when the public has overreacted to a total and moved the Pro football betting line far more than it should have moved. There is no doubt that the public will bet NFL games under the total when bad weather is reported. You can’t automatically look at the over in these situations, but you don’t want to jump on board with the lemmings and bet the under in NFL betting when they may have overreacted.

Betting football totals can be profitable if you do handicapping and the proper research in Pro football betting. Another tip to consider in NFL betting is to bet the over when two excellent offenses play each other, especially if they have poor defenses. You can also consider doing the same thing when two excellent defenses meet. When you are betting football totals there is no absolute right or wrong way to handicap the games in Pro football betting. You have to keep up with the current information, pay attention to trends and really focus on matchups in NFL betting. You can’t get carried away with any one factor like the public will do from time to time in NFL betting.

Betting football totals can be profitable for the astute handicapper, especially if they are open enough to get past the need to bet sides in NFL betting. This is true in both NFL betting and college football betting. Look very carefully at betting totals and you may be pleasantly surprised at your results in NFL betting.

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