NFL Betting Halftime Lines

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting halftime lines are what the pros sometimes look at as a way to make money in online NFL betting.

Half time wagering has exploded in popularity, both with the “weekend warriors” and every day gambling masses but, most importantly, with the sophisticated professionals that look at NFL betting on a regular basis.

NFL betting halftime lines are posted almost instantaneously after the first half is completed. Just as is the case with a regular full game wager, or a first half wager, you will most often have the options of second half wagering on pointspread sides, over/under totals, and, in many cases, a money line will be offered as well. Halftime wagering is available for the two sports that are played in halves, football and basketball.  It is NFL betting halftimes we want to look at today. The first reason that gamblers love halftime NFL betting lines is that they will watch the first half of action and evaluate the flow of the game and how the teams are matched up. Once a gambler believes that a team has a significant advantage, or disadvantage for that matter, he will jump all over that team if the halftime online NFL betting line is what he wants.

An even better reason that many professionals enjoy halftime NFL betting is that they can play the halftime lines off of the original online NFL betting line for the full game and often score themselves a bargain and price break advantage from what they would have gotten. Let’s say, for example, that the New England Patriots were a 12-point favorite over the New York Jets but were trailing at the half 14-10. You thought that the NFL betting line was too high on New England even though you liked them so you didn’t play. Now let’s say that the halftime NFL betting number was Patriots -10. If you play that NFL betting halftime line, keep in mind, that makes the Patriots, in essence and reality, a 6-point favorite for the entire game as in order to win the halftime line they would need to win the entire game by over 6 points. Let’s say the Patriots won the game 27-17. They won the halftime line with a 17-3 second half but lost the original full game NFL betting line. The gamblers involved in NFL betting at the half were victorious and glad that they waited for the halftime line.  This is just one example of why halftime online NFL betting lines are popular.