NFL Betting Goes Beyond Handicapping

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting for many gamblers involves handicapping games by traditional or common methods used by the masses of pro football bettors.

NFL betting is the most popular type of sports betting and it’s not even close. When you start with that fact and add to it with the fact that there are only 32 NFL teams and that they play only sixteen games per season it should become crystal clear that there are few secrets kept about NFL betting. Since there are no secrets in NFL football betting you must do more than just handicap the games if you want to win money.

These NFL betting handicapping methods include trends, yardage statistics, personnel matchups, intangibles such as revenge or quotes in the media, etc. While there is nothing wrong with using such items as a small part of the overall picture it is a critical mistake to take them as more than what they are which are information items that every Tom , Dick , and Harry has access to in NFL betting.

Those who win at NFL betting must find unique ways of thinking, even contrarian types of analysis that is different from the crowd. There are some pro football bettors, in fact, that “fade” (oppose) the general public or conventional wisdom when it becomes loaded on a particular side or total in NFL football betting. And more often than not the fade will win because it is on the same side as the sportsbooks in NFL betting.

Another way to stay alive in NFL betting is to become a skeptic. You will hear a lot of talk from the Babbling Baboons on sports television and radio and read a lot of supposed wisdom from columnists in the papers and their websites but how often does this materiel really gain anyone any edge or advantage in NFL football betting? The truth is, it rarely does and, in fact, it may actually drive down the value of a particular side or total in NFL football betting because the most important thing of all to remember is that the NFL betting oddsmakers all have access to such information and read the papers as well.

Part of successful NFL betting is to not be afraid to stand alone and apart from the crowd. More often than not when the public is overloaded on a side or total the public is going to be out of its cash in NFL betting.

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