NFL betting Games or College Games

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting games or college games? Which option is the best one for you, or should you do both?

NFL betting games involves looking at 32 teams while football betting games involves looking at about 120 teams. That is a huge difference and why many gamblers choose to concentrate on NFL betting. You want to remember that College football is far more of a game of emotion and variety than is pro football, which makes for entirely different dynamics than you see when NFL betting games. When NFL betting games you will see teams that run roughly the same offenses, and utilize the same strategies, while college football teams offer a large variety of different looks and ways of going about their business.

Pro football betting is built on parity and competitive balance and has very few mismatches on the NFL betting board each week. In college football, despite an increase in competitive balance from a generation ago, there are still a lot of mismatches and large numbers posted on the football betting boards. Pro football’s 32 teams all play in major media markets and are well publicized in the media and information regarding NFL betting games is everywhere. There are very few secrets or surprises in terms of the NFL betting line. College football betting, on the other hand, has well publicized traditional power teams and then the many teams that sneak under the radar screen and are virtually unknown by the football betting masses, who tend to focus and concentrate on the traditional power programs.

The question of which sport to choose is entirely up to you. Many gamblers make money NFL betting games while others bet college games. One thing to keep in mind is that rarely are gamblers good at both. NFL betting games and handicapping those games is different than the colleges. College football betting can offer tremendous hidden values that are just not possible when NFL betting games but that does not mean you can’t make money NFL betting games. You just have to do it differently than you do in the colleges.