NFL Betting Futures Evolution

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting futures are an area of online NFL betting that does not get a lot of attention but probably should.

If you want to be in action all season with your NFL betting then you should seriously take a look at betting futures.

NFL betting futures wagering has evolved considerably over the years from something that was done by Nevada tourists on their way out of town into something that professionals in NFL betting will now participate in for profit and for fun. Futures NFL betting begins with Super Bowl odds on all of the pro football teams. For example, a gambler can take odds on any team, such as the Atlanta Falcons at 15/1, to win that year’s Super Bowl title. This means that if a guy that was involved in NFL betting put $100 on the Falcons to win the Super Bowl and Atlanta ended up winning that year’s Super Bowl, he would get back $1500 in profits plus the $100 in stake money.

You can also get online NFL betting futures odds on most teams to win their respective conferences. Another exciting feature about NFL betting futures that has really gained in popularity is the over/under win totals on teams for an entire regular season. Using the Falcons again, if you were involved in NFL betting and saw Atlanta posted with a line of “7.5” you would wager on whether or not the Falcons would go over or under the 7.5 wins for the regular season.  This is another wager in online NFL betting that can keep you in action all season long.  These are money line wagers with the traditional $110 for $100 or the 11/10 equivalent.  These money lines will be adjusted up or down depending upon the betting action.

Keep in mind with NFL betting that futures wagering and odds are available during the season, as well as before the season begins. NFL betting oddsmakers simply adjust the futures lines during the year, offering gamblers the opportunity to adjust their way of thinking and to potentially pick up some bargains on the board.

NFL futures present great opportunities to make money in online NFL betting.  Keep in mind that online NFL betting futures will tie up your gambling bankroll for long periods of time so be prepared to invest your money for months at a time.

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