NFL Betting Field Advantage

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Home field advantage in NFL betting is something that every handicapper and oddsmaker takes into consideration as they look at the NFL betting line.

Most people believe that the NFL betting home field advantage is 3 points. Is that an accurate number though?

Home field advantage is not always the same in NFL betting. In football betting many people believe that the same 3 points apply to each NFL team, but that is not true. In addition to home field advantage in NFL betting not being the same for each team, it is also not the same throughout the season. Early in the year, before oddsmakers and the public get a handle on how teams play, home field advantage is actually less than what you might think in NFL betting. Instead of being at about a field goal it is actually under 2 points. It is just too difficult to be assigning a field goal early in the year when you don’t know the strengths and weaknesses of the teams. Now reverse that to later in the football betting year when teams are established and we have statistics to look at. Instead of the normal 3 points for home field we might see as many as 5 or 6 points. Take that one step further in your NFL betting and you will see in the final week of the season that home field advantage will be approaching a touchdown in the NFL. That is quite a difference from early in the NFL football betting season when it is just a couple of points.

Early in the NFL betting season teams all have the same great hope of having a super season and that really evens the playing field and home field advantage is just not that big of a deal. Later in the year during football betting seasons teams get more of a personality and the home field edge gets to be pretty strong. Another factor when we talk about home field advantage later in NFL betting seasons is the travel and fatigue factors. The NFL season can be grueling and those long road trips later in the year are much tougher than in the first few weeks. Another factor later in the year to consider in your NFL betting is inclement weather. That is another big factor when we talk about home field advantage late in the season. You know that places like New England and New York are going to be cold and that is a big edge for the home squads. This is an important football betting fact you must take into account.

Early in the NFL betting season we want to remember that home teams don’t necessarily have that three point edge everyone thinks, and we want to remember that late in the year that 3 point edge may go all the way to 7. It’s a great NFL betting tip to always remember these two facts when you look at home field advantage and you will have an edge over the average bettor that does nothing more than look at the power ratings and add the generic 3 points. Football betting can be a lot more assertive if you pay attention to NFL betting tips like this.

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