NFL Betting Explosion

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Since the NFL betting gets the most coverage of any sport it is only natural that making football bets is the most popular type of sports wagering.

NFL betting is far and away the most popular form of sports betting in the United States. NFL betting dollar totals soar easily over a billion dollars per year when you combine Las Vegas sportsbooks, online sportsbooks and the sportsbooks of the underground economy where betting is illegal. Gamblers today have a number of great options for making football bets, especially with NFL betting.

NFL betting is growing at a phenomenal pace with offshore online sportsbooks around the world. NFL betting gamblers prefer online pro football betting because of the wide variety of choices and excellent football betting odds. NFL betting fans have increased in multiple amounts over the past few years thanks to online pro football betting websites. NFL betting has become a mainstream activity with many people around the world. Pro football betting no longer carries the stigma of being a dirty or illegal activity as football bets can be made legally with online casino sportsbooks around the world. The options available for gamblers at online sportsbooks include the normal sides and totals but they also include money lines, halftimes, futures, propositions, office pools, etc. There are so many different choices at online sportsbooks and gamblers like the variety.

The explosion in the popularity of Las Vegas and other tourist centers in the state of Nevada have also contributed to the popularity of NFL betting. NFL betting can only continue to expect its astronomical growth in popularity as more and more gamblers are taking up NFL betting each week during the season. NFL betting fits right in with the fact that the NFL is more of a weekly than daily grind as is the case with baseball. The anticipation that leads up to each week of the NFL season makes gamblers even more excited about wagering on the games. Making football bets is also popular because of the general popularity of pro football itself as America’s favorite and most publicized sport.