NFL Betting Early Season

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Every NFL season is filled with anticipation for players and NFL betting fans alike, as every team has renewed hope, and every football betting player does as well.

The early part of the NFL betting season should be a feeling out process for football betting players, just as it is for the teams. The problem arises for bettors when they don’t treat the early part of the NFL season with caution, but proceed recklessly.

I don’t think it can be stressed enough that taking it slow is a very wise approach for early season NFL betting. Remember in the first week that it has been quite some time since your last NFL wager. Everything is going to look great. Don’t get carried away and remember that the NFL betting season is a long one.

In addition to the first point we want to remember not to overreact to NFL betting preseason or early season results. Teams are getting acclimated to the new season and to their new personalities. It may take a few weeks to get everyone on the same page. Some football betting handicappers wait until week #4 before they even start playing the NFL. I am not advocating that, but just pointing out that is what some NFL betting players do.

One thing you can do early in the NFL betting season is observe the teams and find teams that you can ride all season, and find those you can go against. This may become apparent after the first few weeks of the season. I don’t want you to overreact to results, but you might get a feel of how a certain team is going to do all year based on how they are playing. It is a chemistry type of thing in NFL betting that sometimes you can sense early in the year.

The early part of the NFL betting season is full of pitfalls. You must be aware that everyone is in a period of adjustment. Just because something went well last year doesn’t mean it will carry over to this NFL football betting season. Everything is new, and everything needs to be done anew.

Remember early in the season to take it slow. That can’t be emphasized enough. You really need to remember that the NFL betting season is a long grind and that you don’t want to be playing every game on the board in the first week. I know how tempting it can be. Everything looks great the first week of the season and it is oh so easy to go overboard. Resist that temptation. It is the best advice you will ever get in regards to playing the early part of the NFL betting season.