NFL Betting Early Part Season

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

One of the most dangerous parts of the NFL betting season is the first month.

September is such an exciting month for NFL betting because it is a new season and everyone is itching to bet.  The problem for football betting players is that September is full of unknowns and it can be a month full of surprises.  Let’s consider some NFL betting tips that will help you navigate the early part of the NFL betting season.

• The first thing to remember about the early part of the season is that there are a lot more games to follow.  Don’t get carried away the first week with your NFL betting. This tip is a tough one to follow in football betting. It has been a long time since the Super Bowl and everyone wants to bet.  Show some patience and discipline and take things slow in your NFL betting.  This is perhaps the most important tip you will ever here in regards to early season NFL betting.

• The next thing to keep in mind about early season NFL betting is to not overreact to preseason results.  Those games meant nothing and you can throw the records out as you begin regular season NFL betting.

• In addition to the preseason games, don’t overreact to the first couple of weeks of the season in your NFL betting.  Just because a team played great the first couple of weeks doesn’t mean they will continue to play great and on the other hand teams that struggle the first couple of weeks might easily turn it around.

• If you are having trouble making a choice early in the NFL betting season, take the points. Betting favorites every week is a recipe for disaster.  Take the points when in doubt in football betting.

• Find teams that will continue to play above their potential or below their potential. This point is sometimes overlooked by almost all NFL betting handicappers, but it is something to really consider. If you can find the team that is really doing well then you might get on them all year long in football betting. Sometimes in NFL betting you have a team that makes you money all season. 

Keep these tips in mind as you look at the early part of the NFL betting season. Every game on the NFL betting board looks great early in the year. You have to remember to stay focused and show discipline in football betting, especially early in the year.  Don’t ruin the whole season by going overboard in the first couple of weeks in your NFL betting.