NFL Betting Courage

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The bottom line for many NFL betting players is that they lose money. It is a sad, but true statement when it comes to NFL betting

Some people lose money at football betting because they don’t take the time to handicap properly but many more lose money at NFL betting because they have no discipline and practice very little money management.  You don’t have to be one of those people.  You can go beyond what everyone else is doing and have the courage to win at NFL betting.

There are certain winning characteristics for a gambler to consider in NFL betting. One area to look at is teams to avoid in your NFL betting. Football betting players should first consider the history of an organization.  NFL betting players should always consider going against weak organizations such as the Arizona Cardinals and Detroit Lions whenever possible, as they have shown they are unable to win on a regular basis.

Such organizations are the opposite of such proven and solid organizations like the New England Patriots or Indianapolis Colts.  NFL football betting players who continually try and reach out and guess when the losing teams will become winners and when the winners will become losers will be searching and guessing all season. It is tough for a football betting player to figure out when a good team is finally going to fail or when a losing team is finally going to win in football betting.

Another factor to consider is how a team handles home/road games. Some teams have very poor records against the spread at home and virtually no home field advantage in NFL betting.  Other teams may be profitable at home but losers on the road in NFL betting.  In NFL betting it is important to exploit a team’s particular weaknesses whenever possible and make money on it.

NFL betting players that look at other factors like defensive numbers may also find winners. Poor defensive teams are wise to oppose.  It is rare that a team that ranks in the bottom of the NFL defensive statistics and wins money against the spread. Opposing teams with weak quarterbacks is another good way to gain an edge in NFL betting. Teams with weak quarterbacks are just long term losers against the spread.  It is also a good idea in NFL betting to look at turnover ratios as another area that can lead to finding football betting pointspread winners.

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