NFL Betting Consensus

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

It is not easy going against the NFL betting consensus. If you want to win when you bet football then you really need to think on your own.

NFL betting consensus opinion exists on nearly every game during the NFL season. The consensus opinion that most people have about this week’s NFL action is probably wrong though. It is a known fact that NFL betting underdogs cover the spread more often than favorites do. You must remember that simple fact when you bet football.

NFL betting is all about teams being more popular than others each week. That immediately gives the other side great value. Over the years those NFL betting line moves probably were enough to tilt the balance to the underdogs. It really can be that simple. There will be exceptions of course, as there are in all phases of life. There will be the rare year that favorites roll in, but for the most part the underdogs will make a profit most of the time when you bet football. It may not be a profit you are used to, but hitting 55 or 56 percent is still profitable in NFL betting.

If you bet football you may have heard of consensus services. They will tell you what the picks are from services around the country. It seems when all of these services have the same opinion on a game that it loses. It might not lose every time but it loses more often than not. It is important to understand that the NFL betting consensus doesn’t do you any good. There are no big secrets in NFL betting. The media covers the game too well and information is out there for everyone. This means that a consensus is more likely to happen because everyone is thinking the same thing. Since when did that get anyone anywhere?

The oddsmakers are experts at setting the NFL betting line and they know everything that you know and more. The minute you start thinking that the public knows more than the sportsbooks is the moment you lose money. Never underestimate the NFL betting line. It was set at a certain number for a reason. Sportsbooks are in business because they know what they are doing in NFL betting. If you think a consensus of sports services know more than the sportsbook then you better think again. You want to ignore what the media and the masses are saying. They don’t know anything. They are just spewing out opinions. We all have opinions. Theirs is no better than yours, and it is probably worse.

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