NFL Betting Clues

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Many times in NFL betting it is the people that are quiet and rarely make noise that make the most money.

The NFL betting players that are calm and collected are some of the few players that win at football betting.  How do you identify these people?  What are the clues that show you a NFL betting player that wins?

Very often it is the loudest and flashiest of football betting players that are usually in trouble and the ones that you never notice and are quiet are the ones with the edge in NFL betting. You will often encounter the people that brag and the showy gamblers that profess to know NFL betting and find that they know very little when it comes to winning at gambling.  It is oftentimes better to oppose these players rather than follow them in NFL betting. One reason that you want to follow the quiet players instead of the loudmouths is that being successful requires discipline and part of being so successful and in control is having the discipline and self-control to make good decisions in NFL betting.  That means making the bankroll last and not going off the deep end. These wining NFL betting players are never out of the game or betting their bankroll on a bailout game. There are very few NFL betting players that want to hear about their NFL betting bankroll being too small for major wagers.  What should happen with that NFL betting bankroll is that it must be broken down into small percentages, no more than 5 percent, for each wager made against the NFL betting odds. There are very few that understand and listen to this advice in NFL Football betting but they are the ones that will stay in the game and eventually have a chance to win money at football betting.

The opposite of the quiet, disciplined bettors in NFL betting is the flashy bettor that gets carried away with his betting and his talk. If you ever sit in a sportsbook or online pro football betting chat room you will be able to identify the loudmouths and you might just be able to pick the quiet calm winner in NFL betting if you concentrate and look for that person.  As you consider your NFL betting this season be sure and avoid the brash talk and look for the quite confidence of a winning football betting player.

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