NFL Betting: Cincinnati Bengals at St. Louis Rams

December 19th, 2011 NFL Football

This is a big game for the Bengals. At 7-6 they are still in the hunt for the second wildcard spot. One game behind the Jets and tied with the Titans and Raiders, the Bengals needs to win their remaining three games. This is a tall order, but begins this Sunday with the 2-11 Rams. This will be their easiest of their final three games. If they can get past the Rams they will face the Cardinals the following week. Their final game they will face a powerful Baltimore Raven team. NFL odds for Cincinnati Bengals vs. St. Louis Rams.


To be sure, the Bengals are a mediocre team, but they should have no problem defeating the Rams. Although Cincinnati has lost their last two games, they were against the Texans and the Steelers, both very good teams. Although the Steelers ran over them, they only lost to Houston by a point. This was last week and was the seventh straight win for the Texans. The Bengals were competitive. Start your NFL Betting action on Bengals vs. St. Louis Rams game.

The problems with the Rams this season are too numerous to discuss, but in handicapping their effort this week against the Bengals, it should be kept in mind that the Rams have shown consistency in poor play. Although some teams with losing records can play a good competitive game, this has not been the case with the Rams this year. With two or three exceptions, their games have not been good and there is no reason to expect them to challenge the Cincinnati Bengals this week.

The opening line was Bengals -3.5; an amazing number. It has since drifted up to -6.5 at the sportsbook, and this is more realistic. At a touchdown, the Bengals are probably still a good bet. If the spread continues to increase, it might be best to pass. The Bengals are not that consistent, and it is after all, a football game.

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