NFL Betting – Chargers Favored on the Road at St. Louis

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The San Diego Chargers are off to another slow start this season at 2-3 but they are favored in NFL betting on the road at St. Louis on Sunday.

San Diego continues to be an enigma as they have enough talent to win any game, yet they find ways to lose.  The Rams actually have the same record at 2-3 but after their disaster last week against Detroit, gamblers making an NFL bet will likely lean toward San Diego in this game.

San Diego -8 at SBG – The Chargers are 8-point favorites with a total of 45.  Laying points with San Diego is definitely risky.  The Chargers can look great at times but in other games they struggle.  San Diego lost at Oakland last week in a game they easily could have won.  The concern if you like the Chargers is that they are 0-3 on the road this season.  San Diego has a potent offense led by quarterback Philip Rivers but they are giving up way too many points on defense.

Frustrating Chargers – If you look at San Diego it is very easy to make a case for them when you make an NFL bet. They have the top ranked offense in the league in terms of total yards. Their defense has good numbers in total yards against, yet they are giving up points.  On paper everything looks great for San Diego and yet they are 2-3.  Can you say Norv Turner?  How does he still have a job?  The Chargers simply find ways to lose games they should win.  Gamblers want to bet the Chargers because of their offensive talent but it is starting to get old with these losses.

Real Rams?  So who are the real Rams?  Are they the team that started 2-2 and were competitive in NFL betting or are they the team that was blown out last week by Detroit?  It would seem like the Rams just laid an egg last week and that they can bounce back in this game vs. San Diego.  The Rams still have an exciting young quarterback in Sam Bradford and they have Stephen Jackson. They did lose wide receiver Mark Clayton last week to a season-ending injury but the Rams do have some young receivers who can step in.

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