NFL Betting Board Value

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Value is not as hard to find in NFL betting as you believe. Taking that supposedly inferior team is sometimes where the value lies in NFL football betting.

NFL betting on sides is the most popular form of sports gambling for most people. That being said, the only thing more common is that the majority of gamblers lose at football betting. When you get involved in NFL betting your ultimate goal is to find board value, which is nothing more than laying less or taking more points than what is actually warranted.

NFL betting board value can be found if you are willing to do a few things. The first thing to check when going on a value search is public opinion and the media spin. Why? Because you do not want to be on the same side as the gambling masses as there is no value with that in football betting. The NFL betting oddsmakers are fully aware of what the “word on the street” is and they will not be tricked or fooled.

Next, learn to not trust your instincts in NFL betting. Oftentimes when you get involved in NFL betting you will have an instant reaction, often based on an obvious angle that the rest of the public likely agrees with. Again, the NFL betting oddsmakers will be aware of such angles and you want to avoid the trap of thinking like the crowd because there is no value where everyone else goes.

Where value is, in fact, is where the masses are not in NFL betting. You will only succeed in NFL betting when you learn to think apart from the crowd, and to take angles that few others are willing to explore. As a rule, the masses will always want what is perceived to be the better team in NFL betting, especially if they are home, and they will overreact to last week’s performances by teams, regardless if they were good or bad. This means you can’t do either thing in football betting if you want to win money.

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