The NFL Betting Battle

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting is not only a constant battle between gamblers and the oddsmaker but also between wise guys and public in football bets.

In NFL betting, while it is true that the professional bettors trump the public players in most sports, when it comes to NFL betting action, that is not always the case.

NFL betting sees millions of dollars wagered every year. That NFL betting money is split between the wise guys and the public. This division of money is more pronounced in NFL betting than in any other sport. The first thing we need to determine in the battle between the wise guys and the public when it comes to NFL betting is “who are the wise guys?” There is no exact answer to this question but there are some clues. The term “wise guy” actually refers to a bettor or a group or bettors that consistently move the betting line a great deal. It does not mean they win. People have misunderstood this definition for a long time and they think when they hear the term “wise guy” that it is a guarantee of victory. That is simply not true. Wise guys lose, sometimes they lose a lot. Sometimes they aren’t even wise. But for the terms of this discussion we will say that the wise guys have more knowledge and experience than the public when making football bets. Sportsbooks around the world will give more respect to these wise guys just because they are betting more money but they are not feared. Sportsbooks know that wise guys don’t always win and actually sportsbooks like wise guys when it comes to NFL betting because in NFL betting the public plays a huge part.

The NFL is the one sport where the public and wise guys have a lot of hand to hand combat in football bets. And NFL betting is the one sport where the public can sometimes do more than just hold their own. If the NFL season is full of favorites covering the spread then the public is going to win a lot of football bets. And it does happen. Other sports are rarely affected by public money but the NFL is an exception. The main reason for this is that everyone loves NFL betting. Public money even sometimes outdoes wise guy money, thereby the big battle between the two in NFL betting.

The wise guys are going to win the war against the public most of the time but that doesn’t mean the public won’t have a great year or a great run in NFL betting.

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