NFL betting Bargains

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting can sometimes be about finding bargains. Just as it is important to not make overlays, it is every bit as important to know how to recognize value and what characteristics can lead you to it in NFL betting.

NFL betting value is found by developing the courage to go against the grain. Many times, the “value” side of an NFL betting proposition is the unpopular side that few mainstream bettors, let alone “sharps” want. At first, it takes an iron stomach to wager money from your NFL betting bankroll on such a side but that is precisely what makes it a value, because nobody wants it. Often times you can find value with a good football betting team that is getting a lot of points against a “name brand” team on the road. Anytime you can take a team that is over .500 and getting points, you stand a decent chance at picking up cash in NFL betting.

An even better place to find value in NFL betting is when a “name brand” team is getting points. While rare, this happens enough in high profile games where you can make a nice profit for the season. Anytime you can get a championship contending team plus points, you almost always have value. Another good way to spot value is to observe how the mainstream NFL betting public is reacting to extreme results from the previous week. Be contrarian and on the same side as the sportsbooks and you’ll have NFL betting value the majority of the time.

Other places in which you can pick up NFL betting value would be with the road dogs in such high profile games as Sunday and Monday night football. The public nearly instinctively takes the home and or better known team and the NFL betting oddsmakers will charge a price for that preference. In NFL betting, the most effective way to eat at the sportsbook’s 10% vig edge is to grab value anywhere that the clues point to.

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