NFL Betting Bankroll

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

What is your NFL betting bankroll for this season.

Is it money that you use for things other than NFL betting?  A bankroll is technically the money you have to wager with but it is more than just money.  It controls all of your NFL betting and affects every decision you make in regards to football betting.  Let’s take a look at the NFL bankroll.

What should your NFL bankroll be used for? An NFL betting bankroll should really only be used for betting on NFL games.  It should not be used for recreation, paying bills, or anything else.  It is your NFL betting bankroll and should only be used to bet NFL games.  Many people get into trouble when they use their NFL betting bankroll for other things, particularly other gambling endeavors. What if you are using your NFL betting bankroll to bet Saturday’s college football games?  If you have a bad Saturday then it weakens your bankroll position for Sunday and may affect your plays.  That is bad news.  If you really want to be serious about betting NFL then you need a separate NFL betting bankroll.

So how much money do you need for an NFL bankroll?  Technically you can have any amount you want but you need to be realistic.  Start by determining how much you are going to bet on each game.  Say you want to wager $10 or $100 per game. For that to happen, you really need to have at least 20X that amount.  That would be 5% per bet.  It would be even better if you could make it 40X or more so that your percentage per game was not so high, but let’s stick with 5% per bet for now.  If you want to wager $10 per game you would need a $200 NFL betting bankroll. Technically you would need a $220 bankroll if you include the juice.  If you were wagering $100 per game you would need a $2000 bankroll. You want to be able to make each play for 5% of your overall NFL betting bankroll. You don’t want to be betting 50% of your NFL betting bankroll, have a bad Sunday and be done for the year. You want to keep your wagers at a reasonable amount and be ready for the next week.  Remember that 5% of your football betting bankroll is still a pretty high number and keeping it at 2% or even 1% of your overall football betting bankroll is a good wagering amount. It seems small but it keeps you out of trouble during the long NFL betting season.

Your NFL betting bankroll is really very important.  Don’t underestimate its importance this football season.  Take the time to plan out your football betting amounts and get your bankroll ready before the football betting season begins.

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