NFL Betting Bankroll Plan

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting begins with a bankroll. If you want to win money versus the NFL betting spread you really should have a plan of how to handle that bankroll.

Let’s take a look at a way in which you can develop an NFL betting bankroll plan. NFL betting stretches seventeen weeks during the regular season so let’s say that we will open the season with a $3400 gambling bankroll. Next, in our example, we want to make sure that the $3400 will last the entire season, so we will allocate $200 per week for NFL betting purposes. Once that $200 is gone for the week we are done. That will also be our loss limit amount.

Now you may be disappointed already, thinking that this is no way to make big money in NFL betting. And that is your first error, that line of thinking.
In order to have a successful NFL betting money management plan you must have a realistic vision and concept of what NFL betting is all about and just how perilous it is.

For example, the typical gambler would use his entire $3400 for a weekend’s worth of action. And should he catch a slump he is going to be out of action in no time versus the NFL betting spread. Sure, he may get hot and double his $3400, but then with his mentality he would take $6800 into the next week and use it all, and eventually lose it in NFL betting. And that is exactly what we are trying to avoid when wagering against the NFL betting spread.

Now take the prudent NFL betting player. He will take his $200 and use it wisely. If he has a great weekend, he is still happy. If he has a catastrophic weekend, no problem, there is plenty of money remaining for the rest of the season.

What this all comes down to is that in NFL betting, the gambler must have a mature outlook and not think that he is playing the lottery. To really succeed at NFL betting, a gambler must have a long range grind-it-out approach as those are the only guys that make it at when wagering versus the NFL betting spread.

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