NFL Betting Bankroll Example

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting usually takes place on Sunday and Monday’s. Let’s take a typical NFL online betting weekend.

NFL betting is done a lot more successfully if you have the proper bankroll. There are a lot of ways that you can successfully manage your NFL betting bankroll but the key is to have a plan and to stick to that plan, while limiting your bankroll to needless risk. Let’s look at an NFL online betting example for a bankroll.

The typical guy will take whatever is in his wallet and that is his bankroll. He will bet with no real plan or purpose, just “winging it” based on feel. And he will end up losing and chasing his losses and be cleaned out by Monday Night. There is a better way, a way in which you can do what you want, have fun, and give yourself a chance to win in NFL online betting.

Let’s say you enter NFL Sunday with a $500 gambling bankroll. There are three sessions of games that day. Morning, afternoon, and then the Sunday Night featured game on NBC. Why not break your NFL betting bankroll down into $200 for the morning session of games? Find one side and or total, no more than two games. Then bet $100 on the game(s) that you like in NFL betting. Let’s say you picked a side that won in the early games and that you are up $100 for the NFL betting day. You can then let that $100 ride on an afternoon game or you can even take $50 and “pocket it” to guarantee a profit for the NFL betting day and then bet the remaining $50 on the afternoon game. Even if the afternoon game loses, you have still made $50 which you can then wager on the Sunday Night game, if you like, or pass altogether.

You might also want to allocate $10 or $20 to parlays for your NFL betting. Parlay betting is fun and can bring big rewards but it is a mistake to over-emphasize parlays, as they are difficult to hit. So why not wager small amounts on a few parlays that, if successful, will still bring you profits and thrills and, if not successful, won’t ruin an otherwise good day of NFL betting.

What you need to do in NFL online betting is avoid making the mistake of putting “all of your eggs in one basket” and betting disproportionate amounts on one game, which can ruin your NFL betting weekend if it loses. This is just one example of how to do manage your NFL betting bankroll.

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