NFL Bets on Week 1

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL bets on Week 1 of the regular season can often be placed several months before the games actually take place, as the Week 1 online football betting lines are generally released sometime during the summer.

Some online football betting enthusiasts elect to place their NFL bets on Week 1 almost as soon as the odds are released, as one can sometimes find betting lines offering tremendous value that will eventually disappear. However, placing NFL bets so early naturally involves a certain amount of risk because many unforeseen events can occur before the regular season finally begins.

NFL bets on Week 1 games are the only NFL regular season wagers that can be placed several months in advance. Normally, a week’s online football betting board is released at the beginning of the week, meaning bettors have a little less than one week to handicap the lines and place their NFL bets. The extended timeframe that bettors enjoy to place their Week 1 NFL bets is greatly appreciated by some gamblers who actually place their Week 1 NFL bets not long after the lines are released. In other words, these bettors make their Week 1 NFL bets well over one month before the online football betting match ups are actually played. Placing one’s NFL bets so early offers some major advantages, primarily being that the best lines will often change to less advantageous numbers before the Week 1 games take place. Therefore, gamblers who place their Week 1 NFL bets early can sometimes obtain excellent value with lines that are several points better than they will be later on.

Nevertheless, there are also some major risks that bettors must accept when they place their Week 1 NFL bets during the summer. Much can change between the summer and Week 1, so a line that appears excellent when it is released may end up offering virtually no value later on. For example, it is not uncommon for players to suffer serious injuries during the offseason and preseason. If a team loses one of its most important players to injury then that may greatly reduce its potential to play well in Week 1. Furthermore, many trades take place in the couple of months before the regular season begins, meaning a team may lose or gain an important player who will single-handedly impact the online football betting odds. Therefore, bettors who choose to place their Week 1 NFL bets very early are able to enjoy some important benefits, but must do so with an understanding that the strategy involves some significant risks.

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