NFL Bets and Power Rankings

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL bets are often influenced by the power rankings that online football betting fans read in the sports media.

Power rankings are used by bettors to determine which teams are better than others, which is logical knowledge to consider when evaluating possible NFL bets. Nevertheless, power rankings are often flawed and can only provide a limited amount of online football betting insight, so gamblers should use such rankings sparingly when placing NFL bets.

NFL bets should always be placed with an understanding of which team in an online football betting contest has a greater chance of winning. In fact, unless one is placing NFL bets on totals lines, knowing which team is better is integral to any online football betting analysis. Online football betting enthusiasts often read NFL news extensively so it is no wonder that they are very familiar with the power rankings that virtually every NFL writer releases weekly. Each writer’s power rankings are unique, but they are generally more or less consistent. It is almost inevitable that online football betting fans consider these rankings when placing NFL bets, as they offer supposedly expert advice that can theoretically be used to determine which team would win in any possible match up.

However, power rankings have numerous drawbacks and limitations that online football betting enthusiasts must recognize before placing NFL bets solely based on power rankings. For example, it is not uncommon to witness a situation in which Team A beats Team B, Team B beats Team C, and then Team C beats Team A. Each team has its strengths and weaknesses so each match up is unique, and one cannot reduce the entire league into a simple list determining which teams are the best. Placing NFL bets on such simplified analyses will inevitably overlook very important online football betting factors. For instance, home field advantage and the weather are two very important factors that should influence how NFL bets are placed. However, neither of these factors is recognized within power rankings. Furthermore, even knowing which teams will likely win their match ups is not really enough information to place NFL bets correctly. In order to place effective NFL bets one must consider the point spread, yet this integral feature of online football betting is similarly ignored in power rankings. Consequently, NFL gamblers can examine power rankings for basic NFL insights, but gamblers should not allow the rankings to heavily influence where the gamblers place their NFL bets.

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