Look at Players not Scores in NFL Bets on the Preseason

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL bets on the preseason are very popular because they give gamblers a chance to bet on football after a long and usually uneventful offseason.

Furthermore, the preseason football action offers many insights that gamblers will use when making NFL bets early in the regular season. However, when analyzing preseason games and considering their impacts on how you will eventually bet on football during the regular season it is important to focus mostly on players and ignore final scores.

NFL bets on regular season games early in the season obviously must be based on how well a team performed in the previous season, but must also accommodate the numerous changes that impact every team during an offseason. The preseason is very valuable because it gives gamblers a chance to see different players in action before placing NFL bets on the regular season. For example, gamblers can observe the performances of NFL rookies, players who were recently traded to new teams, or players returning from injuries. Even though there are many differences between the preseason and the regular season – as anyone who has ever placed NFL bets on the preseason can attest – many players try quite hard in the preseason. Consequently, it is necessary to analyze their performances and determine how such players will impact the future ways in which you bet on football.

Although many players perform quite hard in the preseason, anyone placing NFL bets on the preseason must acknowledge the massive distinctions between preseason NFL bets and regular season NFL bets. Most starters play only limited minutes during the preseason because they want to avoid injury and coaches know that preseason games are meaningless. In fact, it is not uncommon to bet on football during the preseason and find that star players barely even step onto the field. It is therefore normal to see scores in the preseason that one would almost never see when making NFL bets during the regular season. For example, an elite team may be blown out by one of the worst teams in the league. Consequently, the final scores of preseason games should be viewed as essentially irrelevant once you are placing NFL bets on the regular season. Preseason records are important to consider when you place NFL bets on other preseason games, simply because they may indicate how much a certain team cares about winning in the preseason, but as soon as Week 1 of the regular season begins all preseason scores are meaningless. Therefore, as you watch preseason football or read game summaries you should analyze the performances of certain individuals without allowing the final scores to influence how you will place NFL bets during the regular season.

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