NFL Bets on the Jets with Brett Favre

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL bets placed on the New York Jets in the 2008-09 season will now be placed on a team with a legendary quarterback – Brett Favre.

Every fan of football betting online likely followed the seemingly interminable back-and-forth between Favre and the Packers that eventually landed him in the Big Apple. Now, fans of football betting online must consider just how Favre will impact NFL bets on the Jets this season.

NFL bets on the Jets were probably not going to be placed with much confidence in 2008-09 before the arrival of Favre. The team finished last season with a pitiful 4-12 record and two of the team’s wins came against the amusingly inept Dolphins. Some analysts of football betting online were shocked by the Jets’ lack of success after having reached the playoffs in the previous year. Nevertheless, by the end of the football betting online season most analysts believed last year’s 4-12 season was a sign of things to come. But NFL bets on the Jets will now be much more popular following the acquisition of Favre. In fact, Favre joins a number of high priced free agents that the Jets acquired in the offseason who may turn the team back into a playoff contender that attracts a high percentage of NFL bets. Favre had one of the best seasons of his career last season with the Packers, so if he can reproduce some of that magic then placing NFL bets on the Jets may be quite profitable.

However, there is reason to be skeptical of the value of placing NFL bets on Favre’s Jets this season. The presence of Favre is certainly an upgrade over Chad Pennington and Kellen Clemens, but Farve will also cause changes in the football betting online odds. As the Jets’ odds increase, so decreases the value of NFL bets on the team. Furthermore, those placing NFL bets on the Jets must understand that it is far from guaranteed that Favre will play as well in 2008-09 as he did in 2007-08. Last year Favre was surrounded by excellent playmakers and that same level of talent can not be found on the Jets roster. In the few seasons preceding 2007-08 Favre was not so spectacular and he even threw 29 interceptions in the 2005-06 season. At 38 years of age there also remains a distinct possibility that his production will drop quickly. For proof of this possibility one simply must look at Steve McNair, who guided the Ravens to a 13-3 record two seasons ago and then performed horribly last season, scaring many gamblers away from placing NFL bets on Baltimore. Therefore, Favre does have the potential to make NFL bets on the Jets appealing once again, but placing NFL bets on the Jets with blind faith in Favre may prove very unwise.

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