NFL Bets on a Team with a Weak Offensive Line

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL bets should always be made paying close attention to the abilities of a team’s offensive line.

Many online American football betting fans focus too much of their handicapping on the offensive playmakers, like quarterbacks, receivers, and running backs, when making NFL bets. But the most astute online American football betting analysts know that a good offensive line is the foundation that supports all good offenses, so it cannot be overlooked when placing NFL bets.

NFL bets placed by most gamblers are made based upon very limited analysis of the online American football betting odds. When assessing the value of different possible NFL bets, gamblers naturally focus on what they know best. In the NFL most of the well-known superstars are quarterbacks, receivers, or running backs, because these players score the touchdowns and make the plays that are featured on highlight reels. As a result, online American football betting fans tend to support the teams with the big name players in these positions. For instance, gamblers may have newfound faith in placing NFL bets on a previously weak team after the team has acquired a star running back from another franchise. Similarly, many gamblers are very apprehensive about placing NFL bets on teams without well-known quarterbacks.

However, when a gambler makes NFL bets focusing on a team’s offensive playmakers he overlooks some of the most important players on any offensive unit—the offensive linemen. Offensive linemen give quarterbacks the time they need to find open receivers and they also create the holes that running backs can burst through. Gamblers should pay much more attention to the abilities of each team’s offensive line before placing NFL bets. In the examples given above, a running back that had success running behind a great offensive line may not have the same success with a new team that does not boast such a talented line.

Placing NFL bets on a team with a skilled running back without assessing the team’s offensive line is unwise. Similarly, an unproven quarterback can thrive behind a great offensive line, while even the best quarterbacks in the NFL can provide horrible value for your NFL bets if the quarterbacks are under pressure. This doesn’t mean don’t pay attention to offensive playmakers when you place NFL bets, but you should definitely remember that the work done by offensive linemen makes all of the other offensive plays possible.

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