NFC West Team Predictions for 2015

December 17th, 2019 NFL Football

The remainder of the NFC West did not make that many change as the Rams and Giants continue seeking solutions, while the Cardinals with their stingy defense may continue being a threat to take down Seattle from its reigning title.

With this New Year 2015 the fans are ready to bring in another season of NFL Football. This year things have change as there have been some big player changes in this 2015 offseason. Yes, the busiest team in that category was the Seahawks of Seattle, as they have revamped their offense to be even more treacherous than last season.

So if you’re already excited about the NFL 2015-16 seasons continue on reading as we preview the regular season wins for the NFC West.

The Seattle Seahawks had 12 wins and 4 losses in 2014 are expected to go over 11 wins in 2015. The runners up to the Super Bowl XLIX in 2014 and may be a stronger team this season with the return of M. Lynch and running back who had 13 TD’s and rushed for some 1.308 yards in 2014, and added for TD’s on receptions. In the offseason they traded for a TD in J. Graham of the Saints who in 5 seasons had 51 TD’s and in 2014 had 10TD’s. This additional talented receiver should boost QB R. Wilson’s passing game.

This 2015 season the Seahawks defense should also be tough and stay as one of the best defenses in their league as the return LB Irvin, SS Chancellor and CB R. Sherman and we can expect then to create problems in the weaker NFC West this 2015 season.

Next are the Cardinals of Arizona who had 11 wins and 5 losses in 2014 and are expected go over 8 wins in 2015. At one time in the 2014 season they were at 9-1 and were atop the NFC West, but fell due to injuries and were unable to clinch the division, and their hopes of being the best team in the NFC West in 2014.

Looking forward in this 2015 season they are a sleeper in their division which is very competitive. Besides loosing CB Cromartie and DE Docket, the Cardinals still maintain a sharp defense that also could be troublesome for opponents. The Arizona team was tanked in the top 6 in the last 2 seasons for points allowed each game.

St. Louis will also gain on the return and healthy QB Palmer who was out with an ACL injury. Prior to his exit in 214 he won the 6 games he started and ranked 8th as a 95.6% pass rating for the period. If he stays healthy the Cardinals will be a contender in the NFC West.

Then we have the Rams of St. Louis who in 2014 had 6 wins and 10 losses and are expect to go over 8 wins in this 2015 season. This 2015 season the Rams will not be an offensive powerhouse, but they have a defensive unit that can win them game this season. That unit in 2014 had 40 sack and 8 in a single game in Week 9 at San Francisco.

Now with the offseason acquisition of DT Fairley and 2014 DR of 2014 A. Donald the Rams will have 2 great DT on their roster. Last season Fairley who only played in 8 games had 17 QB rushes and Donald had 29 for the season. On offense the team acquired QB Foles from the Eagles in a trade for the injured Bradford. Foles had a 6-2 record for 9 games in 2014 before a shoulder injury sidelined him, and passed for 13 TD’s on 2.164 passing yards.

For those that Bet on NFL and enjoy NFL gambling the 4th team in the NFC West is the 49’ers of San Francisco who had 8 wins and 8 losses in 2015 and are predicted to win over 6 games in 2015. To free agency they lost WR Crabtree and RB Gore.

This former powerful NFC Team lost a lot of players during the 2015 offseason, as they had retirements from LB’s Borland and Willis, DE Smith and Safety Ventrone. They also lost head coach Harbaugh and DC Fangio.

On the incoming side they added RB Bush and WR Smith. Bush is a double threat RB who has 3,490 yards receiving and Smith give QB Kaepernick another target for deep receiving. Regardless of their new additional reinforcements the San Francisco team does not possess the offensive strength to compete with the incredible defensive teams that exist in the NFC West this 2015.

The media predictions are that Seattle wins the NFC Division with 13 win and 3 losses, while the Cardinals are 2ns with 10 wins and 6 losses, the Rams finish with 7 wins and 9 losses and San Francisco are under with 5 wins and 11 losses.

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