NFC Playoffs odds: Packers, Saints, New York Giants, 49ers

January 20, 2012 NFL Football

The Playoffs have started and there are 4 squads in the NFC Playoffs that are trying to truly achieve the Super Bowl.
The Packers, Saints, Giants and the 49ers are all battling to secure that coveted location in the Super Bowl and though
all four squads are tremendously skills, just one team will overcome.

Packers – The team from Green Bay perhaps had one of the most persuasive regular seasons in the league as they were near to sealing an ideal regular season until the longshot Chiefs were able to upset them. This team is definitely set to achieve the Superbowl however they must first take on the Giants. Check the NFL Odds for the Packers

New York Giants –  The New york giants are all set to make one of the largest upsets this year as Green Bay is seriously preferred in this game. The Giants concluded their year at 9-7 and will have to use Eli Manning to the maximum to be able to have any possibility at defeating the Green Bay Packers. Check the NFL Odds for the Giants.

Though you are able to expect a hard fought game, this battle will be dependant on how well the qbs handle themselves in the pocket. Watch for the Green Bay Packers win by a couple of tds as the squad will certainly dominate.

Saints – This is a well maintained squad and will make it pretty hard for the Niners to win this game. Drew Brees is among the greatest qbs on the planet and will definitely need to be at his very best to win this match.  Check the NFL Odds for the Saints.

49ers – The 49ers are certainly one of the surprise teams of the year but they just may be the faves in the NFC. With home turf  advantage and a formidable defense, the 49ers will surely take this match vs the Saints. Check the NFL Odds for the 49ers.

This leaves the san francisco 49ers and the Packers in a competition that will certainly have fans of the game thrilled. This is going to be a pretty close competition however the cinderella squad from San Francisco will have the ability to pull this game out and get to the Superbowl.

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