NFL Football Betting Results

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The NFL football betting lines, therefore, receive the most attention and care from the oddsmakers, who cannot afford to make a mistake as there are billions bet on pro football each season.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what goes into football betting results.

NFL football betting results are not always what they appear to be. Let’s take the ultimate extreme example of a matchup between the Detroit Lions and New England Patriots. Detroit has the deserved reputation as the worst organization in all of pro football while New England has the exact opposite reputation. The NFL football betting oddsmakers are fully aware, therefore, that the mainstream gambling public is going to be inclined to favor New England. Since the football betting oddsmakers job is to attract equal action to both sides of a game so that the sportsbook can make money booking the game off of the ten-percent “juice” that losing football betting gamblers forfeit with their wagers, they will have to “sweeten the pot” on Detroit in order to get gambling dollars flowing that way. This means that even though New England is clearly the superior team and organization, they will likely be the lesser value on the NFL football betting lines. That is because Detroit is likely to get extra or enhanced value on the NFL football betting lines, in order to draw in enough NFL football betting gamblers to equal out the action on both teams, since the sportsbooks don’t want to get “overloaded” with NFL football betting action all New England’s way.

Recent NFL football betting results can actually be broken down into two categories when evaluating the football betting lines; past season(s) and recent past game(s). Again, teams such as New England and Detroit both have strong reputations, both positive and negative, based on their recent past seasons. And yet teams are often judged, or misjudged, based on their recent game results and that is directly reflected in the NFL football betting lines. Recent season results really come in to affect on the NFL football betting lines for a team that rose from a loser into a playoff team.

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