Newton and Patriots Ultimate NFL Betting Marriage of Convenience

Newton and Patriots Ultimate NFL Betting Marriage of Convenience

July 7th, 2020 NFL Football, Online Betting

A clear difference will be immediately apparent with the Patriots this season. Tom Brady is gone to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Greatest of All-Time quarterback and coach have separated. New England fans are betting that Bill Belichick can keep the dynasty moving forward. An account of the Patriots going 11-5 the season that Brady missed in 2008. However, Jarrett Stidham is an unknown NFL betting quarterback value. New England was poised to go with Stidham for the 2020 season. Until a better idea came along. Namely 2015 NFL Most Valuable Player Cam Newton was available. Concurrently he’s a new Patriot.

2020 New England Patriots Odds to Win

Odds to win Super Bowl LV:+2020
Odds to win AFC Championship:+1050
Odds to win AFC East Division:-112
Over Under Win Total:9 -163 over, +135 under

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2020 Cam Newton to New England Patriots Handicapping Odds Overview

At the onset of the announcement of Newton’s signing was significant online betting activity. Much of it was attributed to the hype of a COVID-19 starved news cycle. Other factors include Newton’s past success with the Carolina Panthers. Along with the fact that Belichick is considered the ultimate coaching mastermind. From this point came more rational gamblers asking questions. A more sober view is that Newton, the Patriots, and Belichick have major problems to overcome. Though this may be true New England remains a very public wagering team. Brand appeal based on championships and Belichick remains strong.

What is Newton Stepping Into?

New England finished 12-4 last season and won the AFC East. However, a deeper look reveals that they were running on fumes at the end. Three losses in their final five regular-season games cost them a playoff bye. One NFL betting payout in their last six games infuriated gamblers. Tennessee’s 20-13 upset playoff win at New England confirmed decline. By reason of an offense lacking explosive playmakers did the Patriots fall. Defenses figured out how to box in the plodding offense. That lack of firepower has not been fixed. Brady departed for Tampa Bay’s superior supporting cast.

For this purpose, Newton steps into a situation with no guarantee of success. Of great concern is Newton’s drop in productivity the past two seasons. A foot injury has damaged his mobility. And being able to elude tacklers on the fly was a big part of his game. Lacking playmakers at New England means more of a potential burden on Newton. Meanwhile, questions remain as to if Belichick will seek help for his new quarterback.

Mutual Motivation

Commencing with his one-year deal does Newton get a new lease of life. Should he succeed he will be a big-dollar free agent. If he fails, he at least had a chance with football’s greatest coach. Speaking of “The Hoodie” he desperately wants to win without Brady. The two GOATS are in a war to give each other the finger. Each wants to prove he was the reason for New England’s dynasty. For all that did Belichick take a low-risk bet on Newton.

New England Patriots 2020 Prospects

In this situation, the Buffalo Bills are a bona fide AFC East threat. Miami could be a wild card with Tua Tagovailoa. It follows that Belichick will have the Patriots in the thick of contention. But he must add a playmaker to the roster for a serious playoff run.

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