New Head Coaches Should Alter 2020 NFL Betting

March 23rd, 2020 NFL Football, Sports Betting

At the onset of any discussion of the future of NFL bettings are the fact that there are five teams that will have new coaches at the onset of the 2020 NFL season. Two of the biggest names are Matt Rhule with the Panthers and Mike McCarthy of the Cowboys. Ron Rivera is another veteran coach and brand that will be taking over the Washington Redskins. Although a new head coach can make a difference in the organization that he joins is every bit as important. Handicappers may use these changes to help assess over-under win totals for the 2020 season.

2020 NFL Teams with New Head Coaches

Odds to Win Super Bowl LV:Kansas City 9/2, Baltimore Ravens 7/1, San Francisco 49ers 8/1, New Orleans Saints 12/1, Dallas Cowboys 12/1, New England Patriots 12/1, Philadelphia Eagles 18/1, Pittsburgh Steelers 20/1, Green Bay Packers 20/1, Seattle Seahawks 20/1, Los Angeles Rams 25/1, Las Vegas Raiders 30/1, Chicago Bears 30/1, Minnesota 30/1, Tennessee Titans 40/1, Los Angeles Chargers 40/1, Houston Texans 40/1, Buffalo Bills 40/1, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 40/1, Indianapolis Colts 40/1, Cleveland Browns 50/1, Atlanta Falcons 50/1, Denver Broncos 50/1, Arizona Cardinals 80/1, Detroit Lions 80/1, New York Giants 80/1, New York Jets 100/1, Jacksonville Jaguars 100/1, Carolina Panthers 100/1, Miami Dolphins 100/1, Cincinnati Bengals 200/1, Washington Redskins 200/1

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Overview – New Head Coaches Fight History

Specifically, only five head coaches in NFL history have led their team to the Super Bowl in their first season on the job. And only two of them went on to win it all on Super Sunday. George Seifert of the 49ers and Don McCafferty of the Colts each inherited strong teams that were ready-made for success and won the Super Bowl in their rookie campaigns. That makes for long odds facing the new mentors of 2020.

Carolina Panthers – Matt Rhule

Certainly, Matt Rhule became one of the hottest brands in coaching after his remarkable work in the college ranks. He led traditional weakling Temple to one of their greatest seasons in history. But Rhule really caught sports betting respect for the way he turned around a Baylor program that was decimated by a sexual abuse scandal before he arrived. More emphatically he left Baylor as a New Year’s Day Bowl program.

Cleveland Browns – Kevin Stefanski

Coaches and general managers continue to go through the Browns revolving door of futility. Of great concern is the real problem which is owner Jimmy Haslam. He has been the one constant at this waste dump of a franchise.

Dallas Cowboys – Mike McCarthy

A clear difference is always apparent with the Cowboys. “America’s Team” is the most public marquee franchise on the NFL betting board. Thus, prices on Dallas don’t always reflect reality. McCarthy arrives with the credibility of winning a Super Bowl at Green Bay.

New York Giants – Joe Judge

Judge has never been a head coach until now. He comes from the New England Patriots and Bill Belichick’s coaching tree. And that has not produced much in the way of championship fruit. In comparison to the other teams changing coaches, the Giants have the least talent and most daunting task ahead.

Washington Redskins – Ron Rivera

Rivera led the Carolina Panthers to a Super Bowl. However, he now joins an organization that rivals Cleveland as far as to utter incompetence. Owner Dan Snyder has never been able to sustain what little success he occasionally has had in two decades.

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