NE Patriots substantiate NFL games Odds, win Super Bowl

August 28th, 2019 NFL Football

The New England Patriots were the NFL games odds-on favorites to win Super Bowl 51, and by gawd they did it. The Atlanta Falcons were very close to pulling off an American football betting upset, and they would have done it too, if the game had finished at halftime. However, historically speaking, the Super Bowl has always gone all the way until the fourth quarter – and sometimes even well into overtime, as was the case last night – and that’s why you don’t count your chickens before they come home to roost. The Patriots won their 5th Super Bowl and they didn’t even have to cheat this time.

Tom Brady led New England to a historic comeback in the fourth quarter, but the real action began even before the kick-off. In a moment that fans had been waiting for almost a year, former POTUS George H. W. Bush and former FLOTUS Barbara Bush rolled onto the gridiron for the coin toss, which came up tails and was won by the Falcons. But Tom Brady wasn’t sweating that. Tom Brady was all like, “heads I win, tails you lose.” The only thing that could have made Sunday the greatest day in the ever would have been the Bushes taking over the halftime show.

And speaking of stealing the show, Brady also lived up to his American football betting NFL games odds of becoming the Super Bowl MVP. The 39 year old QB completed 43 passes of 62 attempts for 466 yards and two TDs. but regardless of numbers and statistics, what Tom Brady did on Sunday was nothing short of a miracle. That thing about the sun dancing around in the sky in Portugal? That’s a trifle compared to Tom Brady bringing the Pats back from the brink of not-winning-the-Super-Bowl-ness and solidifying his status as the greatest of all time, football-wise or otherwise-wise. In fact, Tom Brady may very well be the greatest man that ever lived.

As great as the Pats’ comeback was, there is no denying the fact that the Falcons choked. The Falcons choked worse than CM Punk. The Falcons choked worse than the Golden State Warriors. As a matter of fact, the Falcons may have set a new standard for choking – though they didn’t so much raise the bar as they lowered it. They should have known better, though; you don’t poke a Brady with a stick.

In other Super Bowl 51 American football betting NFL games odds, specifically prop bets, the first TO was a fumble, Devonta Freeman scored the first TD (meaning the first score was a TD and the Falcons scored first), Brady threw the first pick, the first offensive play of the game was a pass, Julian Edelman caught the first reception of the game, James White scored the first New England TD, there was a non-offensive TD, Brady broke the record of 415 passing yards, White had the most receiving yards for the Pats while Julio Jones had the most receiving yards for the Falcons, and so on and so forth. And now we can all go back into hibernation until September.

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