NBC Week by Week NFL Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Week NFL odds for NBC’s Sunday night games have a lot of great matchups.

NBC has by far the best slate of prime time games with many teams from last year’s playoffs making appearances in NFL odds week action on Sunday nights.

Week NFL odds for NBC Sunday night games have only three teams with losing records from last year on the schedule. Overall, the NFC East is the choice for many networks this season and the division will be popular with gamblers that look at NFL odds week action. The division will play 17 primetime games.

Week NFL odds for NBC Sunday night games will be highlighted by the game between the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts in NFL odds week 9 action. When the week NFL odds schedule was released this was the game that everyone wanted to see. The good news for NBC in terms of week NFL odds is that they have the best matchups compared to what ESPN got on Monday Night Football. ESPN will have to hope that Green Bay and Cleveland have good seasons or their schedule will be very weak.

Week NFL odds on NBC open with Washington at the New York Giants on Thursday that begins the 2008 NFL season. That is followed on Sunday for NBC with the game between Chicago and Indianapolis. The following week on NBC it is Pittsburgh at Cleveland in 2nd week NFL odds. 3rd week NFL odds have Dallas at Green Bay on NBC. 4th week NFL odds have Philadelphia at Chicago.

Week 5 is Pittsburgh at Jacksonville. Week 6 is New England at San Diego. 7th week NFL odds have Seattle at Tampa Bay. There is no Sunday night game in Week 8 due to the World Series. NFL odds week 9 action has New England at Indianapolis while 10th week NFL odds have the Giants at Philadelphia.

Week 11 has Dallas at Washington and this is also the week that the NFL flex schedule kicks in allowing NBC to move games if necessary. That is unlikely with this matchup or any of their other ones as Week 12 has Indianapolis at San Diego, Week 13 Chicago at Minnesota, Week 14 New England at Seattle, Week 15 the Giants at Dallas, Week 16 San Diego at Tampa Bay and Week 17 to be announced.

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