Multiple Football Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football odds give you so many choices that you must narrow things down. Let’s start with the basics in NFL betting odds.

Football odds give you a lot of choices on the college and NFL board this week. Gamblers have about 60 games to choose from each week between college and NFL betting odds. That means you might have more than 120 sides and 120 totals to choose from each week in football odds.

You will not find value betting with the crowd. The more the public wants something, the more the price of that something goes up, until that price bears no reality to what that something is truly worth in football odds. The football odds makers will raise up lines into overlays the more the public bets one side or total, making the opposite side actually more valuable. And that is where you want to be, where nobody else is at versus the college and NFL betting odds.

When looking over the football odds board, it is always a good idea to look first at the road dogs. That is because the masses first look at the home favorites, especially the power home favorites. That is where their comfort zone is and where their money will go, which means that oftentimes the wrong team will be favored in games and the better team will be the one getting the points in football odds. It is a fact of football gambling life that you will not make a living betting on home favorites versus football odds. So start with first consideration to the dog in football odds. Sure, there will be times when you lay the points with the home team, but just don’t do it very often versus college or NFL betting odds.

The bottom line is that sportsbooks are not in business because people are making money on a regular basis versus football odds. If you want to be on the right side you will go against the public many times in football odds. Don’t be afraid to go against the grain as you bet football this season.

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