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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting futures are when gamblers take odds on a team. “Prop” betting is when gamblers take football online betting odds on a player.

Football betting choices are more than just sides and totals at sportsbooks. There are more exotic forms of football online betting that appeal to every taste or budget. Let’s look at some football betting choices that are oftentimes ignored or forgotten about by gamblers.

Football betting choices give gamblers a chance to bet the first half of a game just as they would the entire game. You have sides, totals, and often money lines available on each first half, especially in NFL football betting. The first half is all that counts with these bets, with the second half having no affect at all to the football betting wager.

Second half, also known as “halftime” wagering is just the opposite in that gamblers will wager only on the second half outcome with NFL football betting lines that are posted by the oddsmakers at halftime. These wagers are popular with professionals who like to observe the first half before making a wager in football betting. It also gives gamblers a chance to hedge an original bet or to make a new wager at a better price.

Parlays and teasers appeal to big football betting gamblers and bettors with a shoestring budget as they payoff in big odds for just a little stake money.

Parlays are a group of plays, (ranging from two to ten), that are wagered on as a single bet in football betting. All of the plays, often referred to as “teams,” on the parlay must win for the bet to win and payoff at big football online betting odds.

Teasers are similar except that the gambler gets enhanced NFL football betting lines, normally six to seven points. A team that is a 3-point favorite on a parlay would instead be getting 3-points on a six point football online betting teaser. The tradeoff is that teasers do not pay the big odds that parlays do in football online betting.

You can also bet on a team to go over or under a set number for their season wins. “Prop” betting is when gamblers take football online betting odds on a player to win the NFL Most Valuable Player or on similar items, along with individual statistics like TD passes, rushing yards, sacks, etc. Proposition wagers are popular on Sunday and Monday Nights.

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