Mid-Season Football Bets

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football bets in the middle of the season are the ones that oftentimes determine the bottom line for gamblers.

Once September ends and October arrives, gamblers making football bets would have had a chance to get a feel for the different teams and all of the offseason changes. Beyond that they can get an excellent read on potential football betting board value.

Football bets in October and November can be made with a little more information on your side.  Your more established powers football will often not show as well as expected in September, which can often serve to actually enhance their board value in football betting as less savvy gamblers will begin to speculate that these teams may be in decline. A good angle for mid-season football bets is to give a good hard look to an established contender that didn’t perform well in the first month of the season.

You also want to be aware when making football bets of teams that didn’t get a lot of media attention in the preseason but then bolted out of the gate with a great start. In many cases these teams will eventually prove to be pretenders by the end of the season as you make football bets. Beyond that, their football betting board value will often prove to be weaker if they got off to a good start as the “secret” is now out and they won’t be catching gamblers, the oddsmakers, nor their on-field opponents off guard as you make football bets.

Just like the stock market there are teams that will be the “flavor of the week” that will prove to have peaked in value in football betting. Keep in mind that old investment adage about how you should “buy low and sell high” when making football bets. If you missed out on a “surprise” be it a good team that started off bad or a bad team that started off good, too bad, you missed out when making football bets. But the good news is that you might be able to catch on to the inevitable corrections that will occur as these teams will catch more betting activity from gamblers that are making football bets based on yesterday, rather than today.

Keep in mind that the cream will eventually begin to rise as you make your football bets.

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