Michael Vick’s NFL Preseason Betting Impact

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL preseason betting at the sportsbook on the Philadelphia Eagles is going to be interesting starting with Week 3 of NFL preseason odds because Michael Vick will be eligible to play.

He has been practicing but can’t play in games until Week #3 of NFL preseason betting.

NFL preseason betting at the sportsbook has the Eagles favored this week in their game at Indianapolis. The Eagles are going to be favored in their home game next week against Jacksonville in NFL preseason odds and they could easily be favored in NFL preseason odds in their final preseason game at the Jets. Watching the Eagles in NFL preseason betting with Vick should be entertaining. He has been seeing time in the backfield with running back Brian Westbrook. He hasn’t seen much time in the Wildcat formation so far but he will. The Eagles are still working out where Vick will fit into their offense. "I don’t necessarily know where he’s going to fit in as a player, where he’s going to fit in this offense," Westbrook said.

It is not known yet when Vick will be eligible to play in the regular season but it won’t be any later than Week 6. The Eagles have plenty of time in NFL preseason betting to get Vick ready. He is being treated right now as a fourth-string quarterback behind Donovan McNabb, A.J. Feeley and rookie Adam DiMichele. Backup quarterback Kevin Kolb is out right now due to injury. Right now Kolb is the backup but that could change during the regular season. Vick has already impressed players in practice. "He looks good to me," tight end Brent Celek said, "He throws the ball real well and can read the defense."

NFL preseason betting will give head coach Andy Reid a chance to work everything out. "I’m not sure what I’m going to do there. Something will happen," Reid said. The Eagles are still concerned about Westbrook’s recovery and he might sit out all NFL preseason betting. "I think I’m right on time, right where I want to be at," Westbrook said. "I wouldn’t mind getting in a game a little bit, but I don’t think not having any preseason games would hurt me as far as the regular season."

NFL preseason odds at the online sportsbook have the Eagles as three point favorites at Indianapolis in Week #2.

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