Michael Vick Released from Federal Custody

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick was released from federal custody Monday but he may not be playing the NFL anytime soon.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has given no indication of when, or if, he will reinstate Vick.  NFL betting info shows that Goodell suspended the quarterback before the 2007 season and has not said when that suspension will end.

Vick was released by the Atlanta Falcons as NFL odds info tells us and it is unknown whether any NFL team would even take a chance on the quarterback.  Vick has not played for two seasons and even when he did play, his running skills were better than his passing skills as NFL betting statistics show.

Vick had spent the last couple of months on home confinement as online sports betting info indicated, wearing a monitoring device.  Now that the device has been removed, Vick can pursue his NFL career or he may choose to join another league like the UFL which begins their first sports betting season in October.

Vick still has the goal of playing in the NFL again but the league has said that “no timetable” exists for making a decision regarding Vick’s status.  NFL betting information tells us that back in May, Goodell said at an owner’s meeting that "Michael is going to have to demonstrate to myself and to the general public and to a lot of people: Did he learn anything from this experience? Does he regret what happened? Does he feel that he can be a positive influence going forward? Those are the questions that I would like to see [answered] when I sit with him."

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank had similar things to say. "… I believe in second chances," Blank said. "I believe in redemption. But the commissioner needs to satisfy himself that Michael has not only gone through his own journey but he’s prepared to make other decisions than he’s made in the past, both personally and in who he associates himself with. [That’s] a very big part of that. He’s, from what I’ve read, committed to getting his life back in order, his family and his own personal life and at the same time looking to the future in the National Football League. That was pretty clear going through (Vick’s) bankruptcy proceedings."

NFL betting odds are unlikely to be affected by Vick’s return.  Even a team such as the Miami Dolphins, who use the Wildcat offense, and would seem to be a good fit for Vick, would not see their NFL odds influenced by the signing of the quarterback.

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