Miami Dolphins Optimistic at Start of Training Camp

July 13th, 2020 NFL Football

As the 2014 NFL Training camps got underway this past week, with the first game six weeks away, the Miami Dolphins had a lot of excitement in their camp regarding the Regular Season.

At this stage, all teams are undefeated and optimistic, and the  Training Camp. As the team prepared for the first practice, the Dolphin players high-stepped up, down, and across the training field with the music from their loudspeakers blasting the song “Jump Around.”

Their QB Ryan Tannehill is also very optimistic as he expects the team to make it into January and February. Their goal is to win the division ant then move on to the playoffs. Our standards are set not to except anything less!

In reality, that’s far better than the Miami Dolphins team has done since back in 2008 when they were in the playoffs and the last time they had a winning season. Amazingly, last season they only needed to win one of their final two games to have a winning season, but lost both the games and finished with an 8 and 8 record.

The Miami Dophins Coach Philbin as well as starting QB Tannehill are both returning this year for their third NFL season with Miami. The offensive line has been completely redone and they have a lot more depth at running back and wide receiver positions. Meanwhile, their defense is set to have excellent results this 2014 season.

The new general manager Hickey is excited along with all players and members on what they feel the team can accomplish this 2014 NFL Season. Meanwhile the Dolphins owner plans on making postseason play, which is how he starts every season and says, “If you don’t have those expectations, you shouldn’t be in the game. You own a team because you want to create a winner.”

There is one thing for certain that has to change this 2014 season for the Miami Dolphins and that’s the locker room culture must change after a very troubled relationship between two players that turned into a bullying scandal that presented a lot of problems for the Dolphins in 2013. Now the two offensive players, Incognito and Martin are gone and the Dolphin owners have outside consultants to foster better team leadership through training sessions.

One player who was implicated in the scandal, Offensive Center Pouncey agreed that changes were made and the player culture would be a lot healthier for this 2014 season as the owner and coach have done many things to change that and now the team is headed in the proper direction.

As their first practice began the play was very sloppy as expected, as Center Pouncey did not practice and QB Tannehill dropped no fewer than three snaps from center; on his first deep pass Tannehill overshot his receiver, then later hit a 40-yard pass that was caught and drew cheers from the training camp spectators. The stadium was far from full for the training session, the sales are increasing and the Dolphins have projected that their first three games will be sellouts.

The Dolphins want to support a winner, and if the team starts winning support, ticket sales and enthusiasm will increase. For the sports fans who Bet on NFL games, they need to check for the lines at SBG Sportsbook for the pre-season games.

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