Many Gamblers Bet on Super Bowl Hype

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Bet on Super Bowl actions has evolved alongside the parity of the National Football League, which has changed the dynamics for gamblers and their Super Bowl betting picks.

Where once going with the favorite was nearly always the best way to make your bet on Super Bowl wagers that is no longer the case as dogs are biting more, and harder, in recent Super Bowls.

Bet on Super Bowl action is always popular on the favorites but that doesn’t mean they always win. The New England Patriots, in fact, got their start as a dynasty as heavy underdogs in Super Bowl betting. Another new dynamic has entered the fray for gamblers that bet on Super Bowl games; that of the team that doesn’t have a great quarterback. It used to be a key element in making your Super Bowl betting picks to be on a team with the better quarterback. That is no longer the case with bet on Super Bowl lines. The 2000 Baltimore Ravens and 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers were great examples of teams with outstanding defenses that lacked anything close to a stellar quarterback. Yet these teams had such strong defenses that all they needed from their quarterbacks was to not turn the ball over or throw away games. This was a new formula never before seen in previous Super Bowls and changed how gamblers made their bet on Super Bowl wagers from the past.

Much of the challenge of making winning bet on Super Bowl wagers is to ignore the media completely. The media has two weeks in which they need material for their consumers and so they hype the game up and talk up the underdog and, by the time the game starts, make you think that even the most powerful of teams is on the brink of collapse as you look at bet on Super Bowl odds. There are few things more worthless than the media hype leading up to the Super Bowl and the gambler that is making his Super Bowl betting picks based on that is the gambler that is likely throwing his money away.

Time and again, the media has been proven wrong both with their angles and their own bet on Super Bowl picks. You are best to go your own way or even oppose the hype as you bet on Super Bowl odds. Look what happened just a year ago in bet on Super Bowl action when the Patriots were considered unbeatable. The New York Giants not only covered the double-digit spread, they won the game outright for gamblers that bet on Super Bowl money lines.

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