Manage Your Football Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

A solid amount of games in football betting makes it more likely you have the best weekend. That is the way to make money in Internet football betting.

Football betting is sure done more successfully with a solid plan of attack. For some gamblers that get involved in Internet football betting the plan is to bet a lot of games. That is not always the best strategy for football betting though. Sometimes less is more.

Football betting gives you a lot of different options and the “less is more” strategy can be successful because it narrows your focus. Instead of looking for as many potential good bets as possible you should do just the opposite and look for reasons to toss away games that are marginal, which would leave only the prime and high percentage plays on the football betting board.

Let’s say that you are used to playing anywhere from eight to twelve games on Saturday and four or five on a pro football betting Sunday. That is too many games in football betting to make money on a regular basis. Cut that number in half or cut it down to perhaps even three or four top Internet football betting plays. Instead of playing four or five games in NFL football betting, which is sometimes a third of the games, cut that down to two or three games in football betting.

Another way to increase your percentages in football betting is to handicap both sides and totals. That doesn’t mean you have more games to bet though. It means you have more quality wagers to find. Let’s say that a typical weekend has 45 college games and 14 pro games on the football betting board, which is 59 games total. If you bet sides you have 118 choices. But if you also bet totals you now have a choice of 236 options and that means you can find higher quality plays in Internet football betting. Now let’s take this a step further. If you just bet the top two-percent of plays from that total of 236 choices you will have five plays.

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