Making NFL Bets Early

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL bets made early in the season are the ones that can be very tricky.

You have teams that have not proven anything this season in pro football betting matched up against one another. You really need to be very cautious with NFL bets in September and October.

NFL bets in September are exciting but very dangerous. There is nothing to go on except last year’s results and they don’t tell you very much. By the time October arrives we have our first revelations at the ability of teams in pro football betting. That being said it is important to keep in mind that October is only the second quarter of the pro football betting season and September results can often be misleading.

The October portion of the season often marks the turning point of the truth emerging. Many times in September, “pretenders” emerge who score an upset win or two in NFL bets but then begin to fade as the leaves begin to change and fall in October. And with these pretenders becoming exposed in the October portion of the pro football betting schedule, the reality becomes clear that they will often be overvalued. For example, let’s take a team that was a loser in the previous season that has started off 3-1 in September. Such a team now enters October with everyone’s attention who is making NFL bets. Beyond that, their on field opponents now have a newfound respect for such a team and will better prepare for them. The surprise factor is gone and along with it the value in NFL bets.

On the flip side of that are the power teams that sort of cruise through the September portion of their NFL schedules. Let’s take a team that is a perennial playoff contender that starts off 2-2 or even 1-3 in September. With that come the immediate overreactions in the media and amongst gamblers making NFL bets about how this team is in trouble and may not survive the season. Gamblers are mad because they were burned betting on such teams with their NFL bets in September. And on field opponents may even buy into the belief that these teams are done. And it all adds up to value with October NFL bets. Why? Because you have what are often good teams ready to hit their stride and get serious in October combined with a public that is turned off and willing to make NFL bets against them.

As you make early season NFL bets this season remember not to overreact and to take things slow. Open a New Account and enjoy all the NFL action at SBG Global!

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